To be honest, there is only one reason to why I read. That makes this post potentially very short. I read simply because I enjoy it. Well, I more than enjoy it, I love it. I even love the thought of reading. I look forward to coming home and curl up on the sofa with a book. I love the thought of laying in the garden in the summer months reading, and I love the thought of reading a book on a grey and rainy day. So that is it… this post as come to its end. No, I’m kidding. In general I read because I love it, but on different days there are different reasons to why I pick up a book. So I have gathered the 5 main reasons to why I read here.

  1. To be entertained: Sometimes I’m just bored and I want to be entertained, but not by a movie or a TV-series, so instead I pick up a book. It’s a different type of entertainment for me where it also engages my mind more than if I’m watching a show or movie.
  2. To learn: Something that reading really gives me is knowledge, and here I’m not talking about a text book that is meant for teaching e.g. history, I’m just referring to fictional litterature. I learn new words, phrases, metaphors, and so on. I think reading expands my vocabulary and it makes me a better writer and speaker.
  3. To escape: Sometimes when I have had a bad day, or a very long day, I just need a book to escape into another place for a little while. My brain needs to focus on something else and for me a book does that.
  4. To boost creativity: As I mentioned earlier, reading really boosts my writing and speaking vocabulary, but it also boost my creative thinking, not only when it comes to writing. Usually when I finish a book, I want to do “something”. Mostly that will be blogging and writing about the book, but I have also been inspired to grab my camera and head out for a photo session, rearranging pictures in my home, cleaning out my closets, cooking or baking and even build my own coffee table.
  5. To have some quiet time: Plain and simple, something I just want some quiet time with a book and a cup of tea and just relax. Not to escape from a bad day or something like that, but just because it’s relaxing. In the same way a book can entertain differently than a movie or TV-series, a book can also make me more relaxed than a movie or TV-series.

So, why do you read?