My reading goal for February was to read three books… that didn’t happen sorry to say. I’m still making my way through The Goldfinch and it is so good! I’m really taking my time with it, and it is also over 800 pages (!) so it is going to take my a bit of time to get through. But I did read two books in February. Well, I listened to two books in February, if I have to be completely honest. I am not massively into audio books, but I do enjoy them from time to time, and seeing as one of the categories in this year’s reading challenge was to listen to a books from Audible Studies I thought I should find one I wanted to listen to. That was actually quite easy seeing as one of the audio books I had on my wishlist in Audible was published by Audible Studios. But browsing Audible I found that Lauren Graham had actually narrated her book Talking as Fast as I Can and seeing as I really wanted to read that, I love Gilmore Girls, what better way than to listen to Lauren tell her story! So the two books I read (listened to) this month are:

  1. Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, and Everything in Between
    by Lauren Graham. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I love Gilmore Girls and Lauren Graham. She is so funny! I’m sure that the stories in themselves are funny just to read, but when they are told be her, it makes them even better. This book is a collection of personal essays about life, working in Hollywood, being a woman, love and of course Gilmore Girls. The only downside to listening to this was that she references pictures that are included in the book and obviously we don’t get to see them in the audio book. She does describe them, but it is not really the same.
  2. The Starling Project by Jeffery Deaver. This one was interesting as it was not just someone reading the book out loud, it was dramatised with different actors and sound effects. I have only listened to one other of these Audible dramas and I really liked it, so I thought I might give another one a go. This wasn’t as enjoyable as the other one (called The Child). The story was good and very interesting, full of twists and turns, but the some of the actors didn’t really have very good voices or voice acting. There was also something a bit off with the music, which was very overly done in my opinion. Also, the fact that the story didn’t really end is a bit annoying.

My goal for March is to read three books, but let’s see how far I get as I’m still not finished with The Goldfinch…