Well, March was a very slow reading month. I only read one book which is not very impressive and it also means that I’m not 3 books behind on my reading challenge. I was sick for 2 weeks in March and didn’t feel like reading for some reason. But on the bright side, I finally finished The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. The book is about Theo Decker who lives with his mother in New York, his father left them and was a drunk and rather abusive. Theos mother dies when he is only 13, and suddenly his father shows up to take him to live with his and his new wife in Las Vegas. Here Theo meets Boris and they start doing all sorts of drugs and drinking and other criminal stuff. Everything turns worse and worse. The father is doing drugs and drinking and gambling – winning big, but losing bigger. It’s an all round stiffy life for Theo. And then a lot of other things happen that would be spoiling the book so I won’t say, but Theo ends up going back to New York and seems to turn his life around, but he has a secret that he is forever afraidย will get out.

Honestly, I didn’t really like it that much. It was just ok. The story was a bit strange and many of the story lines seemed unfinished and were not developed very well. Also, the characters lacked character and were very one dimensional and a lot of their actions didn’t make any sense. I really wanted to love it because the book has so many great reviews from other authors and the front of my copy has one-word-reviews from big newspapers and magazines on it – “A masterpiece” – The Times, “Heart-rending” – Vogue and “Superb” – Daily Mail. But none the less, it wasn’t for me and I only gave it 3 stars on Goodreads.