April was another month where I only finished two books! That means I’m now four books behind schedule according to Goodreads. I really need to step up my reading game if I’m going to finish the 2017 reading challenge. It’s a good thing I’m going on holiday soon, so I’ll have plenty of time to read by the pool. That’s one of my favourite things ever!

The first books I finished in April was the third and last book in the Metro series by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2035. Again this book follows Artyom who lives with the rest of the WW3 survivors in the Moscow Metro. Artyoms dream is to once again live above ground. I like this series. It’s very interesting and a new topic that I haven’t read before. Dmitry Glukhovsky writes well and he has a very good imagination and describes the scenes well. Some of the characters are a little flat and there are also some filler characters that probably could have been left out. But it’s an interesting read.

The second book is not really a book, more like a short story and it is The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep by Hans Christian Andersen. I love this story, it’s just so cute and very meaningful. It’s about two china figures (the shepherdess and the chimney sweep) who are in love, but the shepherdess is promised to someone else so they decide to run away together. I have always had a soft spot for Hans Christian Andersen as my mother used to read his fairytales to me as bedtime stories when I was little and bedtime stories were my favourite thing. Probably where I got my love for reading from.

Next month you can look forward to a short review of Watership Down and hopefully The Circle and The Handmaid’s Tale, so stay tuned.