So, June what happened? I didn’t even finish a single book in June. But I had such a hard time with The Zookeeper’s Wife (spoiler alert it was so bad! I will give a full review later). And because I didn’t finish any books in June, I am now 7 books behind on my 2017 reading challenge! 7 books. I really need to hurry up and read. There are two reasons for my lack of reading in June. First, as I mentioned, The Zookeeper’s Wife was a pain and I just finished it today (4 July). Second, I have been binge watching Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (I really love superhero shows and films). So that has taken a lot of my time. But I’m now done with the latest seasons of those shows, so now I have a lot of time to read, which is good seeing as I am 7 (!! still cannot get my head around that) behind schedule.

I am currently working on a summer reading list so I can get some structure to my reading over the summer. I will do a post about it when I’m done planning everything out with which books to read for which categories, so stay tuned for that.