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Why do you read?

To be honest, there is only one reason to why I read. That makes this post potentially very short. I read simply because I enjoy it. Well, I more than enjoy it, I love it. I even love the thought... Continue Reading →

Book vs Kindle

I never considered getting a Kindle. I always saw myself as purely a hard copy book type of person. I just love the smell and feel on a proper book. There is nothing like it to me. I tried reading... Continue Reading →

Top 5 books of 2016

I always find it hard to choose favourite books. Well, favourite anything really. Therefore I'm not picking one favourite book from 2016, but a top 5. And I am cheating a bit here, as my first pick is not one... Continue Reading →

The Books of 2016

With the reading challenge of 2017 just starting, I thought I would liste the books I read in 2016. Now, I didn't reach my goal of reading 35 books in 2016, but with 32 read I came very close. I... Continue Reading →

Reading Challenge 2017

2017 is now upon us, so it's time to start my 2017 reading challenge. This year, I'm not only setting a goal of 40 books, I'm doing a challenge where I have to pick books according to some set themes... Continue Reading →

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2017 - the year of reading, like every other year.

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